A pro photographer team for wedding in Tuscany, Umbria and Italy

Finally our site is on line and we are ready to work!!!

We represent some of the best professional photographers and videographers specialized in wedding and more, based in Arezzo, Tuscany.

They are available for their services for wedding in Tuscany and Umbria areas, but they can move everywhere in Italy upon request. They work in Arezzo, Cortona, Siena, Montepulciano, San Gimignano, Firenze, Chianti, Perugia, Assisi, Trasimeno lake area,: wherever in Tuscany and Umbria, as Arezzo is just in the middle of the two regions.

We plan your wedding photo and video day with two photographers and two videographers:   usually we use 4 professionals in order to grant you the best results for a day in Italy that you’ll remember forever;

one photographer follows the cerimony step by step, while the other one will capture the best details of the wedding. After that we guarantee a nice service of post-production work of the photos, for example if you like some black and white photos or vintage style (take a look at our home page or at our portfolio to see how we work).

We are able to deliver the pictures (not processed) at the end of the day and/or we’ll send you the complete service (after photo  post-processing)

The two videographers: how they work? One follows you from the beginning to the end , taking videos of the cerimony by the ground, while the other one will use a drone fly and takes a stunning video from above (take a look of the videos taken with the drone)

They can deliver the videos taken during your wedding atthe end of the day, but videos are not finished as videoclip. We can deliver the finished videoclip on DVD or blu ray disk after the processing  job (usually  30-45 after the wedding day). The whole service (videos and photos) will be shipped to you by international courier (DHL or similar).

We respect the budget of our customers and we can offer different size of services:

– Whole wedding day with two photographer and two videographers.

– Whole wedding day with just photo session without video

– Just cerimony with photo session with or without video

– Cerimony and some artistic photos taken in the best italian locations (without following you at the restaurant)

– we deliver  DVD/blu rays diskcontaining photos and videos, with or without photo prints.

– and more combinations, for details please contact us using the contact form


  • Is your wedding colour

    tuscany wedding photographer
  • Black & White

  • or vintage style


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